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  Alpha Phi is pronounced Alpha "fee" not "fie" because "Alpha" is a vowel and "Phi" is pronounced "fee" when it follows a vowel.















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Full Name: Elizabeth Marie Loveless (aka Lizard)

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY

Birthday: August 18, 1983

Best Present Ever: A necklace with a lizard charm on it

Favorite Food: Bagels and cream cheese.

Hobbies: Volleyball, Soccer, work-out, sleep.

Ideal Man: Sweet, funny, good listener, and someone who just likes to cuddle.

If she won a million dollars she would: Never work or go to school again!

Favorite Memory: Going on vacations with family and friends.

Things She Dislikes: Lies, or finding out someone isn't really a true friend, oh..and sprints.

Most Embarassing Moment: Passing out the first time I gave blood in high school, in front of everyone.

Favorite Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (the title explains why I like it).

Secret Talent: I can do this wierd thing with my toes and then walk, it's hard to explain.

What does she envision doing in 10 years?: Working at a company like Lockheed Martin that has defense contracts, as an engineer.

Favorite thing about Alpha Phi?: Getting to know everyone and making new friends.