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  Did you know...

  Alpha Phi was founded in 1872 by 10 of the first 20 women to enter Syracuse University.




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Current News

April 30 - New photos in Spring 2003 and D-Day pics are up on the AP private page! Thanks Lisa for the photos! Girls send me your D-Day photos!

April 14 - Lots of great new photos! Look for the GREEK WEEK BBQ in the photo section. Check out SIG NU PARTY, DRESS TO IMPRESS, SIGMA INITIATION and SENIOR NIGHT on the secret Alpha Phi photo page found at the bottom of the photos page. Don't forget to leave a message on the tagboard!

March 27 - Hip Hip Hooray for our new sisters: Tisha, Danielle, Kate, Megan, Genevieve, Erin, Carly, Tiffany, Tessa, Katie, Margot, Melissa, Kristen, and Andrea! We're so excited to have some many great new girls. New Line Dancing Photos!

February 20 - New Heart Gala Photos!


January 28 - Formal rush was a great success where we snagged up some great girls to form the new Sigma class.


Upcoming Events

May 1 - The Alpha Phi Formal at the Sheridan Hotel! Start preparing now ladies because we know it's all about the dresses.

May 2 - Senior Pinic in the park! Free food, yippy!

July 11, 12, 13 - Phi Fest 2003 at Dee's House! This party will be beyond awesome so make sure you contact me if you want to go!