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  The Alpha Phi ivy leaf symbolizes the intertwining of intellectual, philanthropical and social pursuits.


















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Full Name: Elizabeth Michelle Lanik

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Birthday: April 17, 1983

Best Present Ever:A bracelet my best friend got me that she knew i always wanted.

Favorite Food: Tie between crispy m&m's and pizza.

Hobbies: Relaxing, hanging out with friends, tennis.

Ideal Man: Brad Pitt!

If she won a million dollars she would: Go on a major shopping spree and then save the rest to pay for this expensive school.

Favorite Memory: Spending summer nights chilling and partying with my friends in summer 2001.

Things She Dislikes: Homework, waking up early.

Most Embarassing Moment: Throwing up in front of a line at a movie theather.

Favorite Song: I can't pick one but some of my favorites are Madonna's "I'll Remember" and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Soul to Squeeze" and Beatle's "Let it Be".

Favorite book: Harry Potter #4

Favorite movie: Half Baked

Favorite TV show: The Simpsons

What does she envision doing in 10 years?: Maybe being a psychologist, married, maybe have a kid or pregnant, living in D.C.

Favorite thing about Alpha Phi?: The girls are all so nice and so cool.