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  The Alpha Phi motto is "Union Hand in Hand."














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Full Name: Colleen Elizabeth Kavanagh

Hometown: Westlake, A Suburb of Cleveland, OH

Birthday: January 12

Best Present Ever: My lucky sweater

Favorite Food: Strawberry Dole Fruit 'n Juice Bars

Hobbies: Music, internet, read, watch movies, have fun!

Ideal Man: Tyler Durden, except for the psychopath part.

If she won a million dollars she would: Invest some, donate some, buy myself a computer that works!

Favorite Memory: Vacationing on Nantucket Island with my family.

Things She Dislikes: Intolerance and cruelty

Most Embarassing Moment: Once at a swim meet I completely missed the start of my event just because I was being oblivious and talking to somebody. I ran and jumped in after the race had already started, but I was disqualified anyway.

Favorite Song: I can't choose just one.

What does she envision doing in 10 years?: Freaking out about the fact that I'm almost 30.

Favorite thing about Alpha Phi?: The people!