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  The Alpha Phi pledge was written by Geneve Gwynn Wiley in 1892.=====
















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Full Name: Ashley Elizabeth Stringham

Hometown: Liverpool, NY

Birthday: April 29th

Best Present Ever: DMB tickets!!

Favorite Food: Uncle Dickie's cheese fries with hot sauce.

Hobbies: Lacrosse, music, wasting time on my computer, and of course SLEEPING!

Ideal Man: Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, honest, fun, he's gotta like to cuddle, but most importantly he has to be funny...a guy that can't make me smile and laugh is worthless.

If she won a million dollars she would: Buy a whole bunch of Jeeps, go on a mad crazy Gap shopping Spree and follow Dave around the country.

Favorite Memory: It's hard to narrow it down to one but I'd have to say Spring break '01 at my best friend's camp in the Adirondacks.

Things She Dislikes: Predjudice, dishonesty, cats, meat, hospitals, heights, and vodka.

Most Embarassing Moment: Sophmore year the burn unit guy came into my personal safety class to show us slides. I wasn't even looking at the slides and I passed out in front of the entire class (which was full of all senior boys). My teacher had to pick me up and carry me to the nurse. They called my mom and told my brother, who was a senior at the time, and all his friends. Yup, it got all around school real quick!

Favorite Song: I have 3...Eric Clapton~ "Wonderful Tonight", Aerosmith~ "Angel" and DMB~ "Crush".

What does she envision doing in 10 years?: Hopefully I'll be a child psychologist living in Boston with a hottie husband and one or 2 kids...and of course I'll have an orange Jeep!

Favorite thing about Alpha Phi?: You guys are amazing. And of course my big sis Blaise!