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Full Name: Yael Stephanie Garfinkle

Hometown: Livingston, NJ

Birthday: September 13, 1982

Best Present Ever: My V-Day present from my best friend this year - it's this framed poem-like thing with a little bottle... it's hard to explain, but if you want, I can show it to you.

Favorite Food: The nachos Tara and I always make after a trip to the corner store.

Hobbies: Read, play snood, listen to music, party!

Ideal Man: Prince William.

If she won a million dollars she would: Pay for school, take my grandma to Israel (not right now though - it's a little scary), and maybe build a library or something.

Favorite Memory: Fishing trips with my dad. Either that, or crossing the Canadian border with a car that had no rearview mirror, a stolen shopping cart, a dagger, weed, 2 bowls, and wearing sunglasses at 7 pm - shadiest spring break EVER!!!

Things She Dislikes: Intolerance, being lonely, watching people eat lobster.

Most Embarassing Moment: When I was in second grade, I wet my pants during school one day, and EVERYONE knew about it. After a few years, they all forgot, but then when I went to middle school, this kid who had moved and switched to a different elementary school right after the incident was in my class again, and he still remembered me as the kid who wet her pants. He told all his friends about it. For those of you who don't remember, or never got made fun of, sixth grade boys can be incredibly cruel. I think I tried to drop out of school.

Favorite Song: You Don't Own Me (the version from the First Wive's Club, with Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler), b/c every time I hear it, I feel the need to turn the volume way up and sing along.

Favorite authors/poets: Douglass Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Stephen King, Roald Dahl, Shakespeare, Robet Frost.

Secret talent: I don't know if it's a talent, b/c I'm not really sure if I'm good at it, but I love to read things out loud. I read to Danielle a lot, and I even do voices for certain Harry Potter characters.

What does she envision doing in 10 years?: Picking a major! seriously, though, I'd love to be traveling - I can't really see myself being settled somewhere before I'm 30.

Favorite thing about Alpha Phi?: My sisters, of course - I love you all!