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  Alpha Phi is called the first inter-sorority conference of the original nine sororities. This resulted in the creation of the National Panhellenic Conference, which still exists today.

























































































































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These pics are courtesy of Amy, Yael and Charleen


Senior Sendoff Pinic


Sunshine Smiles


The Alpha Phi Seniors - We'll miss you all!


More lovely bowlers!


Blaise and myself chilling at the lanes.


What happened to Amy's face?

Oh My!


Awww, what a bunch of cuties!

Especially the girl in the hot pink sweater, who is that hot chick?

I know that's what you all were thinking ;)


Kimmy, Ashley, and Charleen


The Rock painted by the artistic Pi class.


Unfortunaly due to some retarded fraternity boys, the rock had to be repaired.

But don't fret! It turned out just lovely.